The Personal Is Political
by Shannon Aronin on January 22nd, 2017

​So it's been a while. The truth is I have been at a loss for words I felt I could say publicly, outside of the moderate safety of my Facebook friends list. Perhaps this is is a rite of passage for anyone with anything important to say.

The things I have blogged about, very narrowly disability parenting, in a very intentionally non-partisan way, have finally been getting better. We are, at the moment, in a good groove. He’s getting every service provided by the state and it’s coming together. But frankly the personal is political. We live in California where these rights are almost taken for granted. But in Texas, a state we lived in and love very much, my son would not have those same opportunities.  

This blog has been about disability parenting. But nothing happens in a vacuum. Politics have been both directly tied to disabilities and to other marginalized groups. I believe, as Dr. King said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” I’ll save you the guesswork, I’m a liberal Democrat, and I can no longer write about issues in disability parenting without acknowledging the political framework in which they exist.

I couldn’t ignore it when he mocked a disabled reporter. I can’t ignore how they are going after Medicaid and Obamacare/ACA. I can’t ignore that he nominated a Secretary of Education who did not know what the the IDEA was. If you asked most special needs families what the most important law that affected them personally is, I bet most would say the IDEA. The ADA is no sacred cow. Regulations are the enemy of the current government. I can’t pretend this isn’t happening anymore.

I am part of the resistance. My gift is writing. I need a platform. This is my personal blog. Things might get controversial sometimes. I hope you will stay with me. Engage. That’s what matters now. 

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